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Ryan C. Neal and 'The7Realms'
4 min readOct 27, 2023
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The Journey from the Carnal Mind to the Spirit Man

‘The7Realms’ has been my newfound ordering system of mindfulness meditation for the last 12 years. It offers an easy-to-follow meditation passageway allowing you to travel from the common state of lower spiritual consciousness to an enhanced state of higher spiritual consciousness.

‘The7Realms’ allowed for me to transform my physical and carnal man into my spiritual and enlightened man.

I start each morning by tapping into my unique spiritual energy.

We each have our own unique spiritual energy that is meant to correspond and interconnect to the spiritual energy of the universe on a daily, as well as a moment-by-moment basis.

Morning meditation on ‘The7Realms’ has allowed me to connect to my higher spiritual consciousness and evolve my spiritual man more and more each day.

By embedding the prayer-meditating of ‘The7Realms’ in my conscious psyche and growing in the understanding of the concept of the realization of the truth of ‘The7Realms’, I have transformed my physical man into my spiritual man. My carnal shell into my enlightened spirit.

The Carnal Man is Heavy

My carnal man is heavy, weighted down by the gravitational pull of my emotional and physical limitations.

My spirit man is enlightened, limitless and boundless by his coexistence with universal consciousness.

The spirit man has no limitations of weight or gravitational pull or emotional nuances that seed the carnality of the inner child and bog down the carnal man with the weight of his past, the doubt of his present, and the worries of his future.

Meditation allows me to take the carnal mind and move it into the spiritual realm of unlimited capacity and possibility. Easing the weight of the downward force of spiritual entropy.

Each morning I awake and struggle to lift my heavy carnal man out of bed against the burdensome gravitational foundation of the weight of the day gone by, and the concern of the day to come.

The Practice of Prayer-Meditation

But now, instead focusing on the carnal thoughts of the day and the stresses of the potential fears and anticipating anxieties of the morning, I release my subconscious thoughts, feelings, and emotions (TFEs) to my morning seat of prayer (attention) and meditation (intention).

The 3 Levels of Spiritual Consciousness

This seat can be called your prayer place, the seat of your soul- your authentic self (Gary Zukav), where man meets God, or whatever you desire to call it, but you must have a place, or places.

My place rests on a soft comfortable, earthy chair next to a large ceiling-to-floor window in the darkness of the early morning hours.

I call this time and place my early morning prayer-meditation with God, my journey, to my higher spiritual consciousness, my True Self.

My attention and intention of this prayer-meditation journey is to embark upon the path of ‘The7Realms’ and consciously excel beyond my carnal thoughts, feelings, and emotions (TFEs) of lower spiritual consciousness (LSC), through the realms of middle spiritual consciousness (MSC), and proactively transcend to the enlightenment of higher spiritual consciousness (HSC).

This prayer-meditation practice is always of God, in God, and from God.


I spend a total of at least 30 minutes each day in this practice.

I begin by acknowledging my present-moment carnal thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the subconscious carnal mind.

If these present-moment thoughts, feelings, and emotions are negative, such as worry, fear, doubt, anxiety, condemnation or worse, I bring them from the subconscious, to the conscious, by acknowledging their existence. My intent, thereafter, is to transcend these carnal TFE’s through my focused higher consciousness in prayer-meditation of ‘The7Realms’.


‘The7Realms’: The Pyramid of Sovereignty -Ryan C. Neal

I therefore transport those lower thoughts, feelings, and emotions through the middle consciousness of the Mind-Body-Soul Realm.

Finally, I release these thoughts, feeling, and emotions into my higher consciousness realms of God, Spirit, and Manifestation. In the higher realms my spiritual consciousness allows me to transcend the gravitational limitations of my carnal mind.

The Transformation

This transformation from the carnal mind to the spiritual mind will allow you to more easily connect to your higher power found within your higher spiritual consciousness.

By using your unique spiritual energy to pull away from spiritual entropy you become more alive to the possibilities of all things.

Thus, within the first few moments of the early hours of my day, I have successfully and purposefully accomplished the spiritual manifestation of love, peace, and joy through power, attention, and intention, and connected my True Self with the Higher Spiritual Consciousness of the Universe.

This ultimate accomplishment is just one of the many daily provisions of the gift of ‘The7Realms’.

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Ryan C. Neal and 'The7Realms'

Healer of The Physical Man. Seeker of The Spiritual Man. Student of Christian Mindfulness and Biblical Meditation. Creator of ‘The7Realms’.