The Consciousness of Consciousness

Ryan C. Neal and 'The7Realms'
4 min readOct 12, 2023
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The Search for Consciousness

Everyone is seeking their own conceptualization of consciousness. Some of us want to know how to define consciousness or at the very least how to understand its essence. The defining intent of this search is often tied to our desire to understand the meaning or purpose of our life. Our life in the here and now.

Why am I here? What am I here to do? What am I here to give?

Everyone is searching for some universal understanding of consciousness. Deep down each one of us has an aspiration to grasp the meaning of his or her own universal existence. We all have a divine destiny to understand and embrace the existence of our consciousness- the awareness of our universal self.

Here is my personal perception of consciousness- I call it The Neal Postulate:

“The consciousness of my consciousness is my consciousness. The consciousness of your consciousness is your consciousness. The consciousness of consciousness is consciousness. All consciousness of all consciousness is consciousness.”

There are often different labels placed on different forms, or specific types, of consciousness. These labels are occasionally important for the sake of clarification- particularly during communication and conversation about a specific type of consciousness.

Whether you are looking for self-consciousness, self-realization, or self- actualization?

Whether you are examining God Consciousness or Christ Consciousness or Spiritual Consciousness?

Whether you are exploring Universal Consciousness, Collective Consciousness or Oneness Consciousness?

Whether you identify as Christian, Buddhist, or Muslim?

Whether you’re traveling through the 3rd Dimension, the 5th Dimension, or beyond?

Whether or not you are seeking Bliss, Nirvana, or the Divine Cosmic Universe?

We are all in search of the same thing. True truth. Enlightenment. Everyone is looking for consciousness, everyone is trying to understand its essence.

So where do you start your search? Where do you begin your journey?

The Journey to My Consciousness

It has been my personal experience that one of the most logical places to start this search, this exploration, this journey, is through the practice of prayer, meditation, or both.

In truth there is only one Consciousness.

Whether we label ‘it’ God Consciousness or Christ Consciousness or Spiritual Consciousness is probably not as important as understanding it as Consciousness.

Whether we label it Biblical Consciousness, or the Consciousness of The Word is not as crucial as the knowledge that it is Consciousness.

We can call it Universal Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness or Collective Consciousness or even Self-Consciousness, but the most important factor is recognizing it is The Awareness of all things Conscious.

The revelation or unveiling of this awareness by an individual is sometimes called The Awakening.

As a practicing physician of more than 25 years I am always consciously aware of the physical and psychological effects of — good or bad- elemental exposures. Whether the exposures be physical, mental, environmental, spiritual, emotional or even subliminal.

As a physician- healer of man and a Christian- man of God, I am keenly aware of the power of healing both medically and spiritually. I am fully versed in the power of medicinal therapies and science as well as the power of spiritual healing through prayer and meditation. I have experienced my patients transition through miracles, near death experiences, and end-of-life crossovers.

It has long since been clear to me that we are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, but we are indeed spiritual beings having a physical experience. Everyone is inextricably entwined to the existence of both the spiritual man and the physical man.

The Discovery of ‘The7Realms’

My awakening to ‘The7Realms’ occurred in my mid-forties. The Seven Trilateral Realms of Spiritual Consciousness- A Newly Defined Christian Pathway to Higher Consciousness through Biblical Meditation (aka ‘The7Realms’), is a transformational work that uncovers specific and transformative trilateral words and scriptures of the Bible that reveal a hidden pathway to higher consciousness. This discovery became my spiritual gift to the world.

This pathway uncovered in ‘The7Realms’ allows us to transcend from our usual states of subconscious or unconscious thinking (lower spiritual consciousness) to an enhanced state of spiritual enlightenment and spiritual awakening (higher spiritual consciousness).

‘The7Realms’ is not a new creation. It is not an invention, instead it is a revelation. The revelation of how the words of the Bible arrange into levels or realms of consciousness. ‘The 7Realms’ is specific for clarification and communication surrounding the topic of Spiritual Consciousness.

In this revelation I describe how spiritual consciousness correlates with spiritual wellness. I discovered this correlation as a physician and lifetime student of the Bible during my quest to better understand physical wellness and how it was related to the spiritual man and spiritual wellness.

During this journey I uncovered, through the gift of pattern recognition, how certain words were used in the Bible correlated with certain levels, or realms, of Spiritual Consciousness. Some of the words correlated with higher spiritual consciousness and some words correlated with lower spiritual consciousness. The revelation led to the discovery of The Seven Trilateral Realms of Spiritual Consciousness and revealed how these specific words outlined a spiritual path to Christian Mindfulness through Biblical Meditation.

As such, ‘The7Realms’ has become my newfound path to Higher Spiritual Consciousness and subsequently Spiritual Wellness.

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Ryan C. Neal and 'The7Realms'

Healer of The Physical Man. Seeker of The Spiritual Man. Student of Christian Mindfulness and Biblical Meditation. Creator of ‘The7Realms’.