The Internal Dialogue of Subconscious Apathy leads to Spiritual Entropy

Ryan C. Neal and 'The7Realms'
3 min readNov 22, 2022
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Spiritual consciousness and spiritual wellness are parallel existences within the spheres of conscious thought. Spiritual wellness exists in higher spiritual consciousness, whereas spiritual unwellness exists in lower spiritual consciousness. Lower spiritual consciousness exists predominately as the subconscious.

The conscious and the subconscious mind coexist as your spiritual beingness. The subconscious mind is an ever-evolving product of your conscious thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It is constantly nurtured by the ever-present internal and external stimuli of the world.

In the early stages of development, the predominant input to the subconscious mind originates from the conscious mind, however, as the subconscious develops, it takes on a ‘mind of its own’ and begins to function autonomously and independently of its conscious counterpart.

In the end, the subconscious mind controls over 95 percent of our waking thoughts, feelings, and emotions. To rise above our predominantly subconscious existence, we must actively engage conscious mindfulness. We must actively pursue higher consciousness thought.

Imagine, if we could redirect even a small percentage of the time and energy spent in subconsciously unwell thoughts, and refocus that energy onto our higher consciousness, we would make incredible inroads into our spiritual well-beingness.

Subconsciously the carnal mind rests in, or sometimes actively pursues, negative and unhealthy thoughts. These destructive thoughts exist in the realms of the lower spiritual consciousness. They are often the by-products of neglect, or misdirected focus, on spiritual energy.

Spiritual energy is the energy your conscious mind uses to navigate your thoughts, feelings, and emotions through your spiritual beingness (consciousness). Negative spiritual energy leads to lower consciousness thoughts whereas positive spiritual energy produces higher consciousness thoughts.

The subconscious and unconscious internal dialogue of lower consciousness thoughts coerces you into a negative state of spiritual beingness. Your spiritual beingness affects your physical beingness and thus your state of wellness. This spiritual coercion can unintentionally cause you to shift from higher spiritual consciousness to lower spiritual consciousness.

Consequently, we can subconsciously travel from a state of wellness to a state of unwellness in a matter of seconds. We can go from a feeling of peace in one moment to thoughts of worry in the next, by submissively allowing a negative subconscious shift in spiritual energy or focus. To move out of this state of lower consciousness to one of higher consciousness requires an intentional focus on positive spiritual energy.

Lower spiritual consciousness evolves from a state of negative spiritual energy. This negative state equates to spiritual unwellness. Regrettably, the negative downward force of spiritual unwellness tends to occur subconsciously and is frequently left unimpeded.

Being unaware of this subconscious negative influence allows your thoughts to constantly descend into lower consciousness thinking. I call this passive descent to negative spiritual energy and lower consciousness thinking- spiritual entropy.

The evolution of these negative thoughts and perceptions grows from the improper attention placed on the subconscious and unconscious inner dialogue of the carnal man and seed the deepest recesses of the carnal mind.

To overcome the subconscious apathy created by this dialogue, you must apply the appropriate positive spiritual energy to transcend the spiritual entropy and move to a state of higher spiritual consciousness and subsequently spiritual wellness.

From the Christian perspective, the necessary spiritual energy to conquer spiritual entropy is housed in, and aligned with, the practice of focused prayer and scriptural meditation on the words of the Bible.

The Seven Trilateral Realms of Spiritual Consciousness- A Newly Defined Christian Pathway to Higher Consciousness through Biblical Meditation (aka ‘The7Realms’), is a transformational work that uncovers 84 biblical words and scriptures revealing a hidden pathway to higher consciousness. This pathway allows us to transcend from our usual states of subconscious or unconscious thinking (lower spiritual consciousness) to an enhanced state of spiritual enlightenment and spiritual awakening (higher spiritual consciousness).



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