The Spirituality of Physical ‘Dis-ease’ (‘The7Realms’- Lesson 4)

Seeking Medicine- Discovering Spiritual Enlightenment

As it relates to my journey in enlightenment, medical school was clearly my greatest period of spiritual growth. I began to study the Bible from more than just a spiritual and religious perspective but rather from an intellectual and philosophical perspective.

While studying intensely, the physical and biological interactions of the mind, body, and soul in medicine, I also sought to attain a higher level of enlightenment that would hopefully foster a better understanding of the spiritual connections of the mind-body-soul concept.

More importantly, I felt the need to nurture a deeper relationship between myself and God.

In the beginning, I believe I felt as if reaching the elusive destination of spiritual enlightenment would somehow answer all of life’s questions and solve all my problems. I was far from enlightened, but I was becoming spiritually conscious.

I believed my desperate search to find spiritual enlightenment and higher consciousness would give me greater understanding for my life’s purpose. I felt a growing connection to the Word of God as I ventured into the world of healing by medicine.

My course of study in medicine was extremely humbling to say the least, often leading me to the end of self and seeking the support and assistance from a “higher power”. Thus, I embraced the Bible even more intensely and began to explore how the Word of God might relate to the concept of the higher consciousness.

Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

As my paths of seeking God and His Word and the study of medicine crossed, I became keenly aware that the science of medicine was merely a smaller component of a much larger, albeit infinite and all-encompassing science of spirituality.

It became increasingly clear to me that human beings in their finite and physical form were not simply physically imperfect beings with occasional physical unwellness, but were more inclined to be physically unwell, or in a disease state, when they were spiritually unwell.

I therefore immersed myself into the teachings of spiritual wellness and higher consciousness along with my medical school courses to give me a more holistic view of the science of healing.

I studied this in secret, for the fear of reprisal by friends and colleagues in medical school. While I believed they who knew the ‘medical student’ Ryan was, I wasn’t so sure they would understand who the ‘spiritual’ Ryan was. In medicine, there was such an intense focus on the study of physical disease, that talking too much about the concepts of spiritual wellness or higher consciousness seemed ephemeral and esoteric.

Once, however, I discovered the concept that we are not simply human beings having a spiritual experience but indeed we are spiritual beings having a human experience, my life would never be the same.

With the understanding of this concept, everything made perfect sense. I realized that medicine, or the study of disease, or the study of physical unwellness, was not actually the study of human beings suffering from only physical disease, but of spiritual beings suffering from spiritual disease and spiritual unwellness.

And thus, The Seven Realms of Spiritual Consciousness (Spiritual Wellness) was born.



Healer of The Physical Man. Seeker of The Spiritual Man. Student of Christian Mindfulness and Biblical Meditation. Creator of ‘The7Realms’.

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Ryan C. Neal and 'The7Realms'

Healer of The Physical Man. Seeker of The Spiritual Man. Student of Christian Mindfulness and Biblical Meditation. Creator of ‘The7Realms’.